About Me

I’m a «trying to be a singer» with a lot of things flying around in my head.
My wish is to travel around and show my audience that music is not just nice to listen to, but you can convey a lot of emotions, memories and dreams.

I’ve been involved with music for years now. I started uploading covers on my YouTube channel and found more and more interest in it. In school I was allowed to write my first own song «Stay» as part of a project. It was so well received by my friends, family and fans that I then published the song «Can’t Escape«. Then on July 1, 2019, my song «Fear» followed.

I used to be in a school band in which I often sang. At my graduation, I sang «Stay» in front of an audience of 300 people and that was a very big step for me into the future I dream of. I also once got the chance to participate in the bandXost contest, where I performed for 20 minutes for the first time in front of an audience of strangers. All these chances I was given were very helpful and I want to use these opportunities to expand my skills.

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