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Honestly, I know the title seems a bit inappropriate for some people and I get that. Obviously you shouldn’t do any type of drug if it‘s not legal and if you’re not with someone so that you’re safe and not alone.

But with that being said, when I wrote the title track ‘drugs‘ I didn’t really think about that aspect. I always knew that lyrics are something people look up to and that they identity themselves with it but I just made music for fun and to express my feelings. I obviously always hoped, but never really thought that it would impact others. Now to the EP:

This is an extended play album, which consists of the title track ‘drugs‘ which Spreadlovey and me wrote almost two years ago. I still remember how I sent them the song drugs by UPSAHL and I was astonished by it and said I wanted to do something like that.

In 2021 I met a lot of great musicians and two of them especially stood out! We knew that we wanted to make music together but for me mentally, there was no time or space to start a new project. So, in the end of october 2021, I created a group chat on discord with Spreadlovey, The Kid Alexo and TwoDeep to talk… And boy did we talk a lot!

But in the end, they both made a remix of drugs! I was both scared and blown away by the fact that someone liked by song so much that they would create a remix! I think by the end of the year those remixes were done and ready to release, but again, because of my mental health and everything that was happening around me, I just couldn’t.

I’m still trying to finish my apprenticeship so that I can finally become a full-time musician but it’s not that easy. But the urge to release something new was almost hunting me so I said f*ck it let’s just release this. I’m currently in one of the most stressful situations that I can be in but I know that this is how the world wanted it to be released! Now with this being said, I hope you enjoy ‘more drugs‘ but. don’t do drugs, stay in school even if it sucks!